Book Review: Sweet Valley High Super Edition #6 – Spring Fever

Book: Sweet Valley High Special Edition #6 – Spring Fever – published by Bantam Books, paperback edition, 233 pages.

Synopsis: The Wakefield twins never expected that spending spring break with their great-aunt and great-uncle in Walkersville, Kansas, would be so exciting. But Jessica and Elizabeth find out that small-town life can have its share of big adventures.

Their vacation gets off to a bad start when the local girls give them the cold shoulder. And Aunt Shirley and Uncle Herman won’t let the twins out of their sight. But things pick up when the girls meet gorgeous identical twins, Alex and Brad Parker. Jessica thinks Alex may be the man of her dreams, but she can’t get away from her overprotective aunt and uncle to find out. Then, Elizabeth makes an unexpected discovery about the Parker twins that could mean big trouble….

Come along to the country with Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, and catch Spring Fever!

My thoughts: This was one of my favourite “super edition” Sweet Valley High books when I was growing up, it always gave me such a nice summery feeling (apparently I liked summer as a kid? as an adult it’s one of my top 5 most hated things).

The basic premise of the book is that Jessica and Elizabeth take a vacation to visit their Great Aunt and Uncle who live in a small town in Kansas called Walkersville, oh and who of course are never again mentioned in the entire book series. The twins settle into sleepy town life and spend their days sleeping in, eating homemade pie, playing with kittens, and going for walks. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a pretty perfect holiday to me. The only downside to life in Walkersville is town meangirl Annie-Sue Sawyer, who decides that she hates the twins and starts making their life difficult. Jessica and Elizabeth can’t seem to figure out what she possibly could have against them. I have to say though, Jessica keeps wearing a fringed jacket that sounds pretty offensive so tbh I’m on team Annie-Sue in this situation.

A carnival comes to town, and the twins meet Alex – a handsome (ooh!) carnie (gross) who tends to the horses (cute). Jessica falls for him almost immediately (shock horror), and they are understandably excited to discover that Alex is also a twin! Jessica comes up with the bright idea that Elizabeth date Alex’s twin brother Brad, despite Elizabeth already having a boyfriend back in Sweet Valley. Poor old Jeffrey French. I was quite shocked that straight-n-narrow Liz went along with this, and even started to have feelings for Brad (of course her morals caught up with her and she put an end to it pretty quickly). Jessica sneaks out every night to meet up with sexy horse wrangler Alex at the carnival, which results in her sleeping in every day and eventually ends up giving Aunt Shirley and Uncle Herman (lol) major anxiety. Clearly they’ve never lived with a teenager before.

Everything comes to a head when Jessica sneaks out one evening and Alex leaves her in charge of Midnight – the rough and ready horse he’s trying to sell. Nasty old Annie-Sue comes along and decides that she wants to ride Midnight, because her father is buying him for her. Perfectly reasonable, except for the fact that Midnight is SKITTISH AF and takes off with Annie-Sue on his back. Jessica saves the day, and Annie-Sue is grateful – revealing that she’s only been making Jessica’s life difficult and blackmailing her for her lush bejeweled 80’s headbands because she’s jealous. Didn’t see that coming!!! The girls make up and all is forgiven, although Jessica’s secret shame of sneaking out at night has finally been revealed to Shirl n Herm in all the drama. It’s nicely swept under the rug though, and in the end Jessica is permitted to go to the square dance with Alex.

In the meantime, Elizabeth has discovered that Alex does not have a twin and is actually a pretty awful human being who pretended to be two people in an attempt to date both twins at once. Of course Elizabeth chooses not to inform Jessica of this, and instead lets her to along to the dance with Alex despite him being a liar and a generally gross guy. Alls well that ends well though, and the story is wrapped up nicely with the girls getting a lovely send off from the town at the end of the square dance. Farewell Walkersville, it’s time to head back to Sweet Valley!

I remember being obsessed with this cover when I was a kid. On re-reading it I’m mostly annoyed that although Jessica’s gingham dress matches the outfit she wears to the square dance, ELIZABETH’S DOES NOT. She’s supposed to be wearing a red and white checked shirt, but I guess that might have looked a bit too matchy matchy.

Rating: 8/10

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